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Hey, everyone! Welcome to my blogspot! I will be blogging about many things on here so please follow me and definitely you won't be disappointed! I will be blogging about fashion finds, photography, beauty, and many more!! Please follow me and I will DEFINITELY do the same! Stay tuned!! Thank you!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey, everyone!  Long time since I have updated this blog!  As you can see, I have been working on an online shop and you can check out store out at www.shopgnoix.com!  Please help spread the word and support this shop, I would really appreciate it!  We have just recently launched a collection called Old to New where we take thrifted items and alter them to give you all something new!  As far as my blog goes, I haven't left yet, but I will be moving to our store blog and will update you all on hauls, OOTD, fashion, and many more!  Don't worry!  I am still here to update you all with the latest fashion,  you'll just have to follow us on our store blogspot to view promotions, sales, and many more!  You can check our blog out @ http://shopgnoix.blogspot.com/ and please do help follow us as we will do the same!  Hopefully you guys will help support our store!  You won't be disappointed!!  Thank you!

Love, Lee <3


  1. Awesome outfit! love the bag <3 <3

    Following you now! If you like check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other?

    Jess xo


  2. Hi honey :) Checking out your blog, it's super girly and lovely :D I hope you can check out mine when you get the chance and follow back if you like it. xoxo Giulia ^_^


  3. That bag is gorgeous! I love your blog :)