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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Smokey Blue Makeup Tutorial

Hey, all!  Here is my new makeup tutorial with a hint of blue!  I've realized that I have never done a look with blue before so I've decided to create this look for all of you smokey eye lovers!  Hope you guys enjoy it!  Comment if there are questions!  Please subscribe to my channel and follow me if you do enjoy my videos!!


  1. Hi Lee! Thanks for checking out The Bee's Knees (thebeesknees-mel.com)! Your blog is 'adorable' too. :)

  2. you did now a good guru in yt. love your video i can tell, i learn some of that tips..take care

    1. Thanks! I am not a guru yet, but I am glad I am able to give you some good tips.

  3. Great Tutorial!! You did an amazing job :)

    Kisses Anne

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  5. Nice Blog! ;D you should check out me and my sisters blog! :D follow for Follow? :))

  6. I love blue, so I love this post<3 Cool smokeyyy blue<3

    Following you:)
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    Have a sparkling day!